Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Most Beautiful Time of the Year

The first day of the fall season was roughly 2 weeks ago...and we all got to see it a little early while up in Canada. It's my favorite time of the year...when you get to see all the trees change color...the days cool down and the nights get brisk. Well in Canada, they get ridiculously cold.
Our tour through the "Great White North" was one of the best times we've had in awhile. It had been close to 10 months since we were last on a bus....a little weird at first but it all came back very fast. It wasn't so much a tour as it was a 2 week party. Our beautiful neighbors just above us like to have a good time...who wouldn't with their cold beer and beautiful women. We had the opportunity to showcase some of our new material, which went over quite well. Playing new songs is great...the old ones have been played out a bit seeing that we were out for 19 months straight playing them over and over and over again. It's a breath of fresh air and I think the audiences were happy to hear them and liked them. So most of you have probably heard "Lights and Sounds" which we put up on our site for download....different huh? Hope you are enjoying it. Some others may have a live version of another new one called "Space Travel" which wasn't supposed get out there, but I hope you like that one too!
We are all back in Hollywood at the moment...I don't like this place. The last week has been more studio time for us. We finished up mixing our new record with the man Mr. Tom. He worked on our last record and we went back to him for the obvious reason that he knows how to make us sound good. We've got 2 shows coming up in San Diego over the next couple of days..hope to see some of you there. We're looking forward to embarking on our fall tour...its gonna be a good time! Come join us...until harder...and watch Lost on Wednesdays nights. Six Feeet Under is over so I had to find something new...I didn't know what I was in for. Send me a PM we'll talk about it.
Oh yeah...and going back to a question I answered way back when about the best live show I've ever seen...I saw Brian Wilson a month ago at the Hollywood Bowl. Greatest pop song writer of all time...enough said.

p.s. Maryam from Singapore suggested I come on here and say hi since it's been so you have her to thank for the unintelligent rambling.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Dishes are done!

Hi's been awhile. We finished up the record about 2 weeks ago. We celebrated this by having a lovely dinner with our good friend and producer Neal. After many bottles of champagne, we all decided it was time to go back into real life for a little bit before we hit the road again.
Sean and I attended a celebrity charity event put on by the guys in N'SYNC last weekend. We had a blast...I met so many random famous people...Shannon Elizabeth, Brian Urlacher, Taye DIggs and thats all I can remember without thinking too hard about it. We all drank a lot. The first night was a bowling tournament...I did alright...I was doing good in warm-ups...but then my lady friend starting ordering margarita after margarita. The ball got heavier and heavier...and the floor started sloping and pulling the bowling ball to one side. Our team won though regardless. Sean's team won the basketball game. I have no excuse for that...I was completely sober. So anyway, Sean went on to visit some friends and head home to LA where LP is currently doing absolutely nothing but sitting poolside enjoying lovely Hollywood (I would used some sort of negative connotation about Hollywood...cause I'm not fond of some things...but somebody decided to tear me a new one because I said something about Texas) Ben is somewhere in the country on Warped Tour promoting his label...he's actually supposed to come up visit me where I am now....NYC...with my good friend Ryan. We have done nothing but eat ice cream, play video games, order pizza and watch movies. Ryan's about to win the heavyweight on Fight Night Round 2 on XBOX...after that I'm gonna blow some s#%* up on Grand Theft Auto. I usually dont play many video games at all...but i really dont have anything else to do.
We are reconvening in a couple of weeks to rehearse for our upcoming tours. First we hit Japan for a couple of festival shows, then we head onto to Canada for 2 weeks only to be followed by a limited small club tour in the states and some college shows. Then we will be home for Christmas (please don't take offense if you don't celebrate this particular event)
I...and everyone else in the band have this one thing that we are so excited about...we cannot wait to be able to show you guys our new album. I don't think we could be any happier with it, and it is by far the greatest thing any of us has ever taken part in. I hope ya'll are as excited as we are. STOKED!
So until then...we will be seein' ya'll this fall if you can make it.

A word of advice...Don't mess with Texas...or it will write you a nasty message.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Blah, blah, Blah

Hello all you out there in internet land....STOKED!
I left that essential word out of the last post apparently, so i thought I'd start off strong and make up for past mistakes. I don't have much to tell you about what's been going on in the studio...same old stuff. Tomorrow marks week six here...and I am bored out of my mind. Ryan and I are watching game 6 of the NBA finals...I'm going for the Pistons 'cause i'm not too fond of Texas...blame the current administration for that. The Dixie Chicks are even ashamed be natives.
Last Friday was amazing. We used a 15 piece string section on 3 songs and added a wind and brass section to them on another. I got to play piano on a song with them, I was kinda nervous, but made it all turned out amazing. Sean conducted everything...and he looked liked a master ninja composer. He turned all of the songs into motion picture masterpieces.....what a beast.
This weekend was alright too. I saw Batman Begins on Friday...STOKED!! it was awesomely radical...go see it. I saw Sum 41 play a show here in LA at a guitar center "Guitarmageddon" as they called it. 10 contestants from all over the US competing for some prize. This one dude played his guitar like a piano..there were some old dudes playing acoustic guitar solos..pretty rad. Sum 41 rocked as well. After that we went to a bar where Sean through a string celebration for our friends Rodney and Christine who have been working very hard with us on making these songs complete. Sunday (Happy Father's day to me from my doggie) was spent at my girlfriends family's house down in Orange County...I didn't know anybody so i drank margaritas all day. That night I went to Bad Religion at the House of Blues here in Hollywood...STOKED! I take back any "best band live" question I have ever answered...I think they beat out the likes of Billy Joel and Ben Folds and Elton John...and whatever other epic person/band I have ever seen live. They are truly amazing...and get me everytime. So that's that. I'm going back to my basketball game. Hope all of you are having a great summer or life or whatever you are having right now...maybe a great coke float or even margarita. Go check out your local Warped Tour show as it passes through your area...and go check out friend Ben doesn't know how to spell too well...not even my last name...not stoked.
It's M-O-S-E-L-Y dammit!!!!
Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Strings 'n Things

So we are officially in week 5 of being in the studio for our upcoming album "Do You Really Think I'm Gonna Giveaway the Title of Our Next Album" Once again, as I have said over and over again, it's working out quite well. A couple of big shot dudes have stopped by in the last week (label dudes, lawyer dudes, and surfer dudes and manager dudes) to take a listen to the progress we have been making. We're probably gonna wrap this thing up earlier than expected, but that doesn't mean you'll get to hear it may actually have to wait a little longer...depending on what the dudes say about it. Hopefully the surfer dudes will ask us to go down to the Diego and hit up the waves before we start this new endeavor. This surfer dude is of course our good friend Joe ( Kids if you don't know this Joe I speak of...he may be the coolest guy I know. He reminded me about something I may have left out of last week's blog. When we were in Germany on my birthday, I had taken in quite a bit to drink before and while we were playing. Sean and Ryan announced that it was my birthday and everybody cheared...I soon followed up with a comment about it also being D-Day........silence. While D-Day is an important day for Europe and all of the world for that matter, it is a very important day for Germany, but they don't really celebrate it as many of their surrounding countries do. It's a bit out of shame but more out of reverence and melancholy. was a great display of American ignorance, and I'm not proud of it...but it mkes Joe laugh so what the hell.
Sean started laying down acoustic strings last week, he had been working on his electric, but it was time for the true beauty of our music. Our friends Rodney and Christine ( viola and celloist) came in to accompany Sean. I have been slowly falling in love all week with whoever happens to be in the room with me at the time while listening. I didn't know that our songs were gonna turn out to be so good until the pacific islander came in to touch it with his magical rosined bow. For now it's just a three piece, but we are gonna have a few or three songs with a full 15 piece orchestra. I get to play piano on one thing with them which I'm a little nervous about, cause I'm not trained and I have to play with 15 bad-asses. I'm prolly gonna screw it all up and turn the whole record to shite. I'll let you know how it works out.
So the title of this was "Strings and Things" I have to let you know it was inspired by an amazing breakfast restaurant called "Eggs 'n Things" There are only a few out here in California...but they are amazing!!! I almost had to the pleasure of eating at the OG one in Waikiki, Hawaii...but it was a 2 hour should never wait that long for the most important meal of the day...just don't resort to McDonalds because it's will regret within the hour. I just skipped it all together that day and went straight to the margaritas.
To put an end to all of this rambling, I'd like to say I hope all of you enjoyed the Movie Award performance and thanks for watching. For those of you who didn't like it, try playing in front of the most famous people in the world...and have it later aired to 10 million plus up for it...sounds scary...did you guys like my guitar Ryan was playing? That's f@#%ing rock n' roll right there!
later dudes and dudettes...or as the Bush administration would say - Peace Out....Violence In

Monday, June 13, 2005

week 5 and counting...

Hello my friends. Its Ryan here. I want to start by apologizing for not posting one of these yet I have just been super busy with this whole recording thing. We are starting week 5 of the recording process and I have to say I can't believe we have made it this far. It looks like we will be finishing up by the end of next week. I am so happy with how it is all turning out. This record feels like a big step for our band. The songs are much closer to me than they ever have been. Everything from the chord progressions to the lyrics is a new place for us. I hope you are not dissappointed, but there isnt anyting quite as "bouncy" as that one song that sent our band soaring upward. i think it was called Ocean Avenue? Don't worry though we arent going to be that band that just stops playing their old material because they think they are above it later in their career. We love everything we write its just that something about this new batch of tunes really means something to us. It has more energy than anything we have done before. We are mostly focusing on the strings at this point. I don't know if many of you know this but since the underdog ep we have kind of been a seven piece band. Our friends Rodney and Christine have played the viola and the cello on all of our recordings. Sean is working much more with them on theis record and it is really defining a new sound. The string section is everywhere this time. It's almost like having another lead singer in the band because the emotion the full string section is bringing to these songs is so intense. We are hoping someday soon to bring Rodney and Christine on the road so they can get the recognition they deserve for what they do for us. Anyways, I hope you are all as excited as we are. Talk to you soon. -ryguy

Monday, June 06, 2005

Birthday's, D-Days and Mondays

Hello all out there in blogger land!
Today is my birthday and I am 25...I wish I was either 16 again or 55 and retired. Instead I'm a quarter of a century old and stuck in a studio all day. My lovely lady friend is bringing me lunch....Chik-Fil-A!!!! They are few and far between out here in the west, but there's one in the South Bay, one in Irvine...and i don't know where else...but today I get the best chicken sandwich in the world, the best chicken nuggets in the world, and some sweet tea. STOKED!
It's a monday, the weekend was pretty eventful, we played the MTV Movie Awards which is supposed to air on Thursday I think. We saw a bunch of famous dudes and gals. We sat across the aisle from Dakota Fanning..she is so tiny and absolutely adorable (Ryan asked her out, but she's only 12....gross) Brian Grazer sat behind us, famous people everywhere. I got a head-nod from Samuel Jackson which means I'm legit and i met a Humphrey Bogart look-alike. Ryan and Sean kept saying it was really him, but I kept saying he was dead. Then i bought into it cause it really looked like him and "H. Bogart" was on the dressing room door. When I told my mom I met him...she said well that's awesome and must have been really extraordinary because he's dead. Sure enough Humphrey Bogart passed in 1957 and if he were still alove today he would be 106...dude was born in 1899...I thought I was getting old.
So anyway, today is also the 61st anniversary of D-Day. This day in 1944, our faithful troops stormed the beaches at Normandie, what will live to be one of the darkest days in the history of modern civilation and war, to overturn the German invasion and occupancy of France which was one of the biggest stepping points in the WWII victory over zzzzzzzz......
Sorry about the hisory lesson...I've just always associated my B-Day with D-Day. Last year we were actually in Berlin playing a show on June 6th...I was happy and drunk cause it was my birthday, but it was a pretty somber day overall for the citizens of Germany.
Ogely dogely...that's all I got for you guys. Talk to you next week.
Peter Michael Mosely

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Saturday in the Park

Greetings from bassplayer Pete -
Today is a beautiful day...actually for all I know the smog could be right over us here in most-of-the-time sunny Hollywood...but I don't know because we are stuck inside working. Well..I'm not working..Ryan and I are watching a bootleg of "Six Feet Under: Season 4" If you haven't gotten into this show yet...I suggest you has consumed has given me a whole other life. So anyway...we are getting caught up for the final season...season 5, which starts on June 6, which also just happens to be the day I turn I'm old.
So onto the things you guys really care modern day politics so closely resemble the ways of the ancient Mayan civilations in Japas, Mexico...what? The studio is coming along quite nicely. Sean started laying down some strings this week and all I can say is STOKED! He brought in a couple of vintage violins he got a hold of so he could work on tone differentials. And by vintage I mean...well let's just say I used a '74 P-bass for most of my tracks...that's 1974...which is vintage..Sean has a '81 violin...that's 1581....and it sounds like the heavens above are summoning my soul to come rejoice with them. He also ventured into pedal-effect land. I won't tell you exactly what...but he pretty much turned his violin parts into something Satriani would play...he's a bad-ass! Oh, and Joe Satriani ain't too shabby either.
Well that's all I got for you for now. I will check in later. I still advise that you stay away from any authority figures in uniform..they aren't there to help...they are there to give you a hard time...but do listen to your parents and peers...they love you.