Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hey everyone its ANIMAL (L PIZZLE)

whats up everyone! Before I get started with these questions just want to make sure you look out for my new clothing line at, it'll be launched soon!!! Its gonna be HOT!!

if you guys werent in yellowcard what job would you want?
- I would want to be an independent drummer, and i'd play for anyone.
What is the craziest thing you've had thrown on stage for you?
- These 2 girls from the crowd were frantically jumping up and down, and i was doing a drum solo, and during the drum solo, 2 GINORMOUSLY HUGE bras with phone numbers, addresses,and email addresses written on them....and right after the 2 GINORMOUSLY HUGE bras were thrown, 2 GINORMOUSLY HUGE undies came right after...but nothing was written on those...hahaha.
I want to see ryan playing drums and LP singing...any chance of that
- if yellowcard were to write a death metal song, then it would be a possibility. :)
Who snores the loudest?
- ben
Would you rather swim in a pool of jello or a pool of pudding?
- oooo...i'd say jello. because i could swim in different colors and jello is awesome. but if i was swimming in it with my girlfriend, i'd say the pudding...and i think you all know why.

1)What are you wearing?
-cargo shorts, an animal wear shirt, gucci dog tags, and my new diamond encrusted watch!
2)What do you have in your pockets?
- my pantera wallet
3)# of hours of sleep you got last night
- I actually had a good 8-9 hours of sleep last night!
4)What are you listening to right now?
-lil jon, onyx, nonpoint, mudvayne, slipknot, glassjaw, life once lost, and pantera live.
5)What was the last meal you ate?
-chinese food in the mall.
6)Who was the last person you called?
- Sean Mackin
7)What was the last tv show you watched?
- One Tree Hill with my girlfriend (not by choice..haha)
8)What was the last movie you show?
- Amityville Horror and Star Wars Episode III
9)What was the last cd you listened to?
- a yc demo of a cover song we're doing for the mtv movie awards
10)What was the last thing you purchased?
- a platinum and diamond heart-shaped pendant necklace for my girlfriend for her birthday



Blogger Sarah Jayne said...

yay im the first to write a comment!
you guyz rock
Come to australia especially perth

7:57 PM

Blogger JiNa said...

oh dang LP!!! You're going to have your own clothing company..that's so awesome man..are you going to have a girls section too? haha cas then I would buy me some and rock the Pizzness B] Look at you getting bras thrown at you and having all of the bling..the Pizzle is a pimp've always been a pimp. Well it sounds like life is going good..your girlfriend is very lucky =]
Can't wait to hear your crazy drum skills on the new record you frikkin animal.

8:30 PM

Blogger Neil said...

dude, star wars was freaking sweet and so is your latest cd i just bought!

11:16 PM

Blogger Jenn said...

lmao! that was hilarious. in my opinion at least. however, I thought it was also very sweet!

1:11 AM

Blogger Amanda said...

Wow. You're so sweet. I can hardly get my boyfriend to watch American Idol or The O.C. with me, haha. He sits and stares at the TV but when I actually say something about the show he has no clue what's going on. I think it's awesome the you guys don't try to act like you're "perfect" role models or "single" for publicity reasons. I am totally going to check out your clothing company. I'm a girl... you can never have too many clothes ;)

12:02 PM

Blogger Part of THE CREW said...

Aww you're so sweet to your girlfriend...
Hahaha I love the giant underclothing thing! Lmao...writing their info on a bra...that's creative...
You're a talented drummer!!! You rock!!!

1:59 PM

Blogger Ro said...

lp with a clothing line eh????....that's freeeeakin awesome....thanks for writing in the blog and letting us know what's up with you....seems we hardly hear anything from you....hey, can't wait for more updates on you guys....and hopefully you're saving all this stuff you've taped for a 2nd DVD....and that's sweet about the comments about your girl....hey thanks again for thinking of all us underdogs and thanks again for sharing your talent and lives with us....making us feel like we're in the studio with ya....*hugs*....yellowcard rocks my socks

4:03 PM

Blogger A. Dubs said...

hey... the 25th was my birthday... where's my gift?! heh. I can't wait to see the clothing line. 'word

'keep it real


6:50 PM

Blogger Quattroporte said...

Hehe, Is your clothing line gonna be in any malls?? If you don't answer, I have two reactions.

Yes: That's so sweet, bring it to SoCal dude!

No: Oh well. ^_^

9:30 AM

Blogger vortexia said...

i'd definitely go with the jello, too -- jello wrestling is so much fun ;)

linked you up on my blog! oh, and a public apology to sean mackin... i would never actually hurt you as a couple of my earlier posts may have alluded! i swear, it was just a harmless joke! love you guys :)

2:19 PM

Blogger NYGirl0611 said...

hey LP!
cant wait 4 the clothing line, it sounds cool.. i think its so sweet you watched one tree hill w.ur g.f.. i <3 that show.. You rock- cant wait 2 hear the new album
<33, Jess

7:21 PM

Blogger Some Girl said...

LP u fricken rock! thats awsome that u have a new clothing line! can't want for the new album, it'd be awsome if u had a few drum solos! u gotta show how good at the drums u are!! you rock animal!!

11:50 PM

Blogger manu_yc_182 said...

watz up!!
yey, i posted again ^^
first of all, LP is my favorite drum player, i rely like his style.
can you plis come to mexico???
and i want your new album!!! i know its gonna be the best cd in the world.
and i want the underdog ep, i cant get it anywhere, that relly sucks
well, i gotta go, take care guys

9:19 AM

Blogger Brian said...

I really think what you do with the drums is awsome and you really rock out, but I would like to hear you tackle the metal you love so much, or hear the jazz you did. Looking forward to hearing you expand someday.

12:54 AM

Blogger XO, bitch. said...

Haha, LP!
Hell fucking yes, Animal Wear Clothing!!
I will so buy everythingggg you sell ;)

7:41 AM

Blogger stargirl2 said...

LP (or in your case) pizzle, wicked sweet man,that was nice...with the site "n" all and being so mondo koolio to your g.f. You know,us underdogs and YC fans don't get to hear from you much(which sux)--but you guys are the best ever!!!i'm telling you. when you play on the drums, it's like "wow!do it again!" V. upbeatish rythms to move to. Gotta Q though: when your playing, do you count rythms or just play or both!? definately a mondo koolio wickedly supercalifragilisticexpealladoiusly melodious group. lol.
all z best.--Rimmel

8:46 PM

Blogger David Lee said...

Sup LP. I am your biggest fan, drumwise mostly, but you're awesome. Your drumming has influenced me so much and I have done everything I can to copy/master, or able to do everything you can on the DVD's, CD's, some of your cross-handed tom patterns (which was on the documentary on the DVD), and after a year and a half of hard work (which is how long I've actually been playing drums now), I can safely say I can do all of it. Don't be confused because you're still a much better drummer than I am, I'm not trying to imply anything, just saying that I can do most of the stuff I've seen you do so far with Yellowcard (I know this band is hindering your true talents, I know you can do so much more when you're not with Yellowcard). Now that I got all of this down, I really can't wait to see what other tricks from the pocket you have planned for this new album! I'm totally stoked! Playing along to Ocean Avenue was extremely fun but more importantly let me learn a lot of new tricks and made my listening skills better in order to figure out what you were doing. Because of you, I worked my ass off on single strokes and my foot speed, and I'm glad I got to listen to a drummer like you. But now it's time to move on and I want to hear your new stuff. Without listening to your stuff, my drumming wouldn't be anywhere near the level I am at right now. I hope this new album doesn't disappoint! ROCK ON AND DRUM ON BROTHAAA!

9:07 PM

Blogger J said...

you guys were cool like 3 years ago. oh well.

11:17 AM

Blogger Gemini052887 said...

Hey LP Ilove you. Its great to finally hear from someonew else in the band. I hope that you continue to write in your blog. I have to admit you are what made me listen to Yellowcard. You are soooo HOT!!!! I was so happy to find out that the band is great too. Although I'm disapointed that you have a girlfriend, its sweet to know that guys still do that kind of stuff with their girlfriends. Good luck with everything and I cant wait for the new album.

4:43 PM

Blogger Roxana said...


10:03 AM

Blogger Future wife of one of the yellowcard members said...

That is exactly what i want!! I want to marry one of them!! Don't care which one!! He just have to be a member of Yellowcard!!

1:30 PM

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5:19 AM


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