Saturday, May 28, 2005

Saturday in the Park

Greetings from bassplayer Pete -
Today is a beautiful day...actually for all I know the smog could be right over us here in most-of-the-time sunny Hollywood...but I don't know because we are stuck inside working. Well..I'm not working..Ryan and I are watching a bootleg of "Six Feet Under: Season 4" If you haven't gotten into this show yet...I suggest you has consumed has given me a whole other life. So anyway...we are getting caught up for the final season...season 5, which starts on June 6, which also just happens to be the day I turn I'm old.
So onto the things you guys really care modern day politics so closely resemble the ways of the ancient Mayan civilations in Japas, Mexico...what? The studio is coming along quite nicely. Sean started laying down some strings this week and all I can say is STOKED! He brought in a couple of vintage violins he got a hold of so he could work on tone differentials. And by vintage I mean...well let's just say I used a '74 P-bass for most of my tracks...that's 1974...which is vintage..Sean has a '81 violin...that's 1581....and it sounds like the heavens above are summoning my soul to come rejoice with them. He also ventured into pedal-effect land. I won't tell you exactly what...but he pretty much turned his violin parts into something Satriani would play...he's a bad-ass! Oh, and Joe Satriani ain't too shabby either.
Well that's all I got for you for now. I will check in later. I still advise that you stay away from any authority figures in uniform..they aren't there to help...they are there to give you a hard time...but do listen to your parents and peers...they love you.


Blogger Brian said...

that is some hearty advice. Thanks!

1:32 PM

Blogger Jessika said...

haha youre awesome

4:26 PM

Blogger NYGirl0611 said...

hey pete!
happy early birthday! =) I'm a Gemini birthday is June 11th. Sounds like you guys are finishing up the album.. do you guys know when you're gonna release it yet??
YC rox my sox!! <333 jess

5:00 PM

Blogger Some Girl said...

hahaha pete thats awsome! i cant wait to hear the violin stuff u were talking about! hope to hear more bass in the new album! glad u updated! and i kno what u mean about those authority figures in uniform..believe
love you pete!!!!!

5:03 PM

Blogger Jenn said...

Hey there. 'Six Feet Under' is awesome. :) Happy early birthday! Hope your birthday day is great.

Said it before and I'll say it again; I can't wait for the CD!

Thanks for the update and the advise!

Take care,

5:22 PM

Blogger distorted_penguin said...

happy birthday your the best

5:41 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:18 PM

Blogger maryvolent said...


25 isn't old. you're in ur mid 20s. that isn't old.

is the cd coming out at the end of the year or next year? i really can't wait!!

hey... check out my blog kays?

i'm not sure if you guys actually check the comments page but it'll be real cool if you guys did. anyway. good luck on the album! and happy birthday! again.

10:47 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

The real question is does todays politics really resemble Mayan crap? Haha. Happy birthday! The big 2-5. It does make you feel old, huh? When I though my boyfriend was turning 25 I felt old for him... but really he was turning 24 (whoops... 3 years down the toilet, j/k). Keep up the hard work... I know how challenging and time consuming it is to watch TV ;) Someone (hint hint) should look at my blog and comment. I have had these crazy dreams about going to Yellowcard concerts for the last 2 nights and posted about them. Any, I am highly anticipating the release of the new album so get your asses up and start playing music! Haha. I hope you guys are having a good time in good ol' Hollywood. I'm off to bed for crazy dreams, no doubt.

12:02 AM

Blogger Grace said...

Asif your birthday is the day after mine lol Ah well, I do have to agree those authority figures in uniform are nasty......wats wrong with a few uni students 'borrowing' some bar stools....nothing i tell u...nothing

4:18 AM

Blogger XO, bitch. said...

It's too bad you guys can't go frollick in the dandelions in the park on your beautiful day, but you have hott rock 'n' roll music to write! :D

7:42 AM

Blogger onion of a different race said...

hey there Pete,
happy birthday for the 6th of june! I just had my birthday too! Like..two weeks ago. Anyway, I just discovered this...geez I'm slow.

Can't wait for the album to come out! Just got the yellowcard dvd for my birthday from my friends, you guys rock! My mum walked in while I was watching it and looked at my funny cause I was watching you peform live. She's such a party pooper.

If you do read these, don't know if you do but if you do...did that make sense? Anyway, if you do read these, go vist my blog too,

it's full of rubbish that blog of mine...

say hi to the rest of the band for me ok?

lots a love,

8:15 AM

Blogger Tyler said...

hey! that is insane about the 1581 violin!! I cant wait for the new cd... when is the release date??

6:54 PM

Blogger maryvolent said...

you guys should change the blog skin you know...

8:08 PM

Blogger joel said...

its about time you put out a new cd

your biggest fan

9:45 PM

Blogger danodukebb said...

Hey Pete happy early birthday man...Man I cant wait for the new CD I've been waiting ever since listening to the last one...You guys are the BEST!!! Keep up the great work

6:05 AM

Blogger andysbabe said...

thanks for posting!

6:53 AM

Blogger Amy36_16 said...

hey pete! Happy Birthday!! my birthday is june 10th....can't wait and hope ur b-day is as fun as mine is gonna be...

12:19 PM

Blogger kelbolicious said...

dude you guys rock

i cannot WAIT for the next album

your biggest ASIAN fan,


1:00 PM

Blogger sodany said...

happy bday! a quarter of century o.o lol
as we say in France, Joyeux anniversaire Pete ^___^
ps: u were so sex with ur pink t-shirt LOL (France, 09.02.04, concert with NFG and Coheed and cambria)

1:01 PM

Blogger The Future Mrs. Sean Mackin said...

oh man...ilove sean and his violin...i cannot wait! :) i'm so happy. ♥ I love you guys!

2:56 PM

Blogger The Future Mrs. Sean Mackin said...

p.s. happy birthday

2:57 PM

Blogger Kenny said...

ooo what I wouldn't GIVE to play one of those violins...I'm seriously drooling right now..My violin is only..ha...5 years old? agh...k gotta go clean up my drool

9:09 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

Happy birthday, Pete! You're not old... once you're 27, THEN you're an old fart. :]

1:21 PM

Blogger dwini said...

never saw six feet under. maybe i should though.

haha 1581

uh. happy early birthday. heh

haha great advice

comment back if u have the time. :)

still can't wait for the next album!!

7:19 PM

Blogger manu_yc_182 said...

thanks for the advice pete, and WOW!!! i would like to hear sean's violn in action, it is gonna rock!!
another thing,
thats it, i hope i'll see you soon!
take care

8:33 PM

Blogger JiNa said...

Pete..I love your randomness..haha its like I'm reading your stream of's very amusing =] oh shnap..Peeeterr is turning the big 2 5..I hope you have an awesome birthday..the guys better do something special for you! Sean and his violins..he is a total bad ass..crazy ass asian..oh dang man..I'm totally stoked..he's using pedals?! I can't wait..that's going to be very different but very cool B] Don't work your asses off too much..but don't stay on your asses too much either :)

1:19 PM

Blogger wondergirl run said...

Happy 25, Pete! Wow, what make violin is he using? The Satriani-pedal effect is mindblowing. Hope y'all are all doing well!

7:17 PM

Blogger xtiney said...

i love your advice!!!

could you try get ryan to blog once, please? =)

yay i love sean and his violin.

your updates rock!

cheers! xtine.

10:55 PM

Blogger stargirl2 said...

That's mondo koolio advice! thanx for it--definitely wicked. it's nice you keep us informed on what's up with the group.your so kool!

4:58 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

cant wait for u to come out with your new album im gonna buy it for my girlfriend!

7:15 PM

Blogger NYGirl0611 said...

Its June 6th!- HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY PETE!!! U rock - cant wait to see your performance from the movie awards <3333, Jess

12:41 PM

Blogger Kia ^_^ said...

1581? aw man no wonder sean's violin sounds so awesome!! hopefully with more lessons i'll be able to play yellowcard songs better ^_^

10:17 PM

Blogger Mikey said...

Vintage style eh? This should be a big BIG change to Yellowcard's style, but a good change. I wonder if you guys are doing a 50's style song? That'd be cool!


10:23 PM

Blogger mandingle said...

Modern day politics are strangely close to that of Mayan civilations in Japas, Mexico.

2:13 AM

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