Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Blah, blah, Blah

Hello all you out there in internet land....STOKED!
I left that essential word out of the last post apparently, so i thought I'd start off strong and make up for past mistakes. I don't have much to tell you about what's been going on in the studio...same old stuff. Tomorrow marks week six here...and I am bored out of my mind. Ryan and I are watching game 6 of the NBA finals...I'm going for the Pistons 'cause i'm not too fond of Texas...blame the current administration for that. The Dixie Chicks are even ashamed be natives.
Last Friday was amazing. We used a 15 piece string section on 3 songs and added a wind and brass section to them on another. I got to play piano on a song with them, I was kinda nervous, but made it through...it all turned out amazing. Sean conducted everything...and he looked liked a master ninja composer. He turned all of the songs into motion picture masterpieces.....what a beast.
This weekend was alright too. I saw Batman Begins on Friday...STOKED!! it was awesomely radical...go see it. I saw Sum 41 play a show here in LA at a guitar center "Guitarmageddon" as they called it. 10 contestants from all over the US competing for some prize. This one dude played his guitar like a piano..there were some old dudes playing acoustic guitar solos..pretty rad. Sum 41 rocked as well. After that we went to a bar where Sean through a string celebration for our friends Rodney and Christine who have been working very hard with us on making these songs complete. Sunday (Happy Father's day to me from my doggie) was spent at my girlfriends family's house down in Orange County...I didn't know anybody so i drank margaritas all day. That night I went to Bad Religion at the House of Blues here in Hollywood...STOKED! I take back any "best band live" question I have ever answered...I think they beat out the likes of Billy Joel and Ben Folds and Elton John...and whatever other epic person/band I have ever seen live. They are truly amazing...and get me everytime. So that's that. I'm going back to my basketball game. Hope all of you are having a great summer or life or whatever you are having right now...maybe a great coke float or even margarita. Go check out your local Warped Tour show as it passes through your area...and go check out takeoverrock.com...my friend Ben doesn't know how to spell too well...not even my last name...not stoked.
It's M-O-S-E-L-Y dammit!!!!
Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time


Blogger NYGirl0611 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:45 PM

Blogger NYGirl0611 said...

YAY! i'm finally the first to comment.. glad 2 c a new post, or should i say STOKED! lolz.. is it weird that i check this thing everyday just to see if theres a
new post? YC rox!
<333, jessica

6:47 PM

Blogger Jules said...

OMG I need to see Yellowcard. I talk too much about you guys, it's annoying my firends that's good that you guys are STOKED about things and life. I wihs I were stoked for sumthing. Come on my school ends this week and Mulholland Middle School is in California please visit me. I need to meet you guys before I die.

6:51 PM

Blogger Some Girl said...

heyyy pete!! im glad to hear from you!! i cant fricken wait for the new album! i love you!!!

6:53 PM

Blogger Jamie said...

I feel obligated to tell you, Mr. M-O-S-E-L-Y, that you own me.

That's some major stokage right there; I don't just tell anybody that.

Have a lovely day!

7:41 PM

Blogger Ryan said...

hi!!!!you guys are having good times there in the studio recording, im just waiting with anticipation the album...i have a question, but i know you guys maybe are not gonna be able to give me the answer, cause your always busy...but can you tell us "the fans" when is the album coming, not the day, not the weekend but the month....onLY THE MONTH!!!!....please :D

From YCN "yellowcardnews" this was Ryan Ureña from D.R....and if you dont know what D.R. is....is ok..im a moron...lol

8:53 PM

Blogger Ryan said...

ohhhhhhhh and go to my website please :(


it dosent have music...but we put "sureshot" in the multimedia area, but see us please!and leave messages in the message board....

8:56 PM

Blogger Quattroporte said...

Alrighty, it seems like this album is gonna be way more diverse than any of the other ones. I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS! Have fun recording and drinking margaritas ^_^

9:35 PM

Blogger mandypandy242 said...

haha..now go away or i'll shall taunt u a second time...i watched that movie today...u r so funny pete...i created an account just so i could tell u that u were funny...wow..

10:24 PM

Blogger mandypandy242 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:27 PM

Blogger maryvolent said...

The only warped tour i can ever get is from the Warped Tour 2003 CD i bought last week. and i only bought that coz there was 'Finish Line' on it(though the other songs and bands are real cool too till i play it everyday without fail)

anw. Sean Mackin the Master Ninja. has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

12:54 AM

Blogger rock babe said...

hey... [:
i dont even know how i got here.. i jusy googeled YC and i found this blog.. so it was funny 'cause i didnt thought you guys have blog!

i really want to see YC tour but i can't 'cause im from Israel. so it sucks. :(
why dont you come with your tour to Israel? plz!
you have here a lot of fans!

1:24 AM

Blogger muhrad said...

Hey. Not all of Texas is fond of this administration either. Quite frankly, I hate it. So just because our *cough* fearless leader is from Texas, doesn't mean you have to hate on all of us. Dearest Peter, I do hope your opinion of Texas shall change soon or else this little heart of mine will be broken for eternity because oh how I do enjoy you.

Anyway, you guys rock my socks. I saw you in Austin in November and you totally kicked ass. So...Rock on.



6:25 AM

Blogger XO, bitch. said...

I think we'd all be lost without you.
Anyway, I'm glad to see your STOKED! cause we are too.
Much loveeee

8:08 AM

Blogger Spiky said...

You do know that not all Texans are like the Dixie Hicks, don't you. Most of us puke at even the thought of being compared to them. GO SPURS!!(Granted, they're not from Austin, but San Antonio is a pretty cool city too. Margaritas all day? Wow, what a role model. lol. Can't wait for the new album.
"Where'd you get the coconut?"
"If she weighs the same as a duck, she's made of wood!"
"None Shall Pass!"
"Bring out your dead!"
Holy Grail rules!

9:14 AM

Blogger ycroxmysox said...

well sounds like everything is going good with you guys! im so stoked! to hear the new cd! i cant wait!!! i think its awesome that u guys are using different kind of instruments and what not! .... PISTONS ALL THE WAY!!! ... that game last night was fricken awesome!!! i think u guys need to come up to north dakota! lol .... well you guys are the best! keep working hard! l8er!
<3 mara

9:50 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

Sounds like you guys are having fun. :]

I didn't like Batman Begins. :]

10:09 AM

Blogger Devon 'bigD/bam bam' said...

I need to go see Batman Begins..I want to, but my dad needed to drive the car to work today. Oh well..maybe I can take him to work tomorrow and go see it then. But hey...I am totally stoked about the new album! PLEASE give us a date of some kind to hold on to! Oh..how often do you guys read our comments? (I figure if you answer this question you won't need to be specific)
Oh...although I don't completely agree with every little thing this administration has done...don't you think it should be somewhat treasonous to put down the administration like ppl do instead of encouraging them to go in the right direction? Just a thought. You guys totally rock!

11:09 AM

Blogger JiNa said...

Sean is a freakin beast...haha master ninja composer..it's his jap side comin out..oh shnap. See~ I knew you could rock it out on the piano..I'm glad all of it went great..can't wait to hear it!!! oh dang man~ I saw Batman Begins the day it came out..frikkin awesome..Cillian Murphy is my man..scarecrow..mm mm that was some scary shiet. When they showed Joker's calling card at the end..I was like o___O;; but I don't think they're going to make another one. Anyways..I am ordering some stuff from takeover..tell Ben to change the first class mail thang..they charge like $16..daYum~ I aint rich bitch..hahaha kidding. Some peeps said that you guys were going to perform at the last couple warped tour dates..suckas. I can't go cas I have band camp..ew what a loser. Well it sounds like you're having a pretty relaxing summer..have fun in the studio during week 6!!! crazay mofos.

12:03 PM

Blogger Le Fantome said...

How awesome that you quoted Monty Python at the end of your blog.
Totally rad. <3 Python (and PETE!)


Sounds like things are going well for you guys. I'm excited for the next album (just listened to your very first album today, wow, what a difference.)!


3:28 PM

Blogger JiNa said...

nevermind..they are making another Batman movie..oh dang homie!

4:55 PM

Blogger Jordan said...

whoah didnt know YC had a blog thingy..anyways..I was randomly reading comments and thought i was funny that everyones using 'stoked' now. Its like the Pete-word and its being raped by the fans. haha anyways cant wait till warped. peace.


5:10 PM

Blogger Britt said...

Wow...pretty cool that yellowcard has a blog. I love you guys so much! Your music is amazing...I love the lyrics! I can't wait till your new album comes out...should be amazing. Are you guys planning on coming to Canada anytime soon? Well I'm out.

Lotsa love xox


5:24 PM

Blogger Ro said...

lol....>>It's M-O-S-E-L-Y dammit!!!!<<....hehe.....i chuckled on that for a bit....gotta love ben....can't wait for the cd....i swear you're a tease telling us about everything going on with the cd without really telling us anything....the anticipation is killing me....i miss you guys....i haven't seen you guys live since last november when you came to salt lake....and i'm like burning holes into your DVD and your old cds cos i play them so much....thanks for sharing with us stuff that's going on with you guys....thank you....thank you....and you guys rock....talk to you later....i'm out....*snap*

7:19 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

OMG the dialup is killing me! I just caught up with your blog... I did wantch the MTV Movie Awards... I almost traveled 100 miles to do so, but I didn't. Same ol', same ol'... Can't wait for the new album, yatta yatta :) My bumper sticker says "Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Kerry!". I get comments (good) about it all the time. I loved the political piano at the tour last year (Seattle). I would type more but I have a 2 year old climbing on me. Attack of the child I tell you! Rock on, kids!

11:41 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Hey- I never knew you guys had a blogger account. . weird. Well I'm really excited for your new album. I think that it's a good idea that you are making it different from the other cd. I loved Ocean Avenue, but I've also loved your other cd's. I've been listening to you guys for who knows how long(way before Ocean Avenue Opened up), and no matter how much you changed your music- I've always seemed to love it! Good job on all of ur cd's! I love the song Gifts and Curses!

8:41 AM

Blogger Sharra said...

HI PETE and Company lol,
Sounds like you guys are having a STOKED time lol, recording your new album. I Wonder if you guys are going to be in the VANS WARPED TOUR hmmm... Sean your not the master ninja cuz i am!. Hope to see ya'll on tour since i missed out on your orem Concert here in Utah. Takes forever to get there from West Valley. ~LUV YA LOTZ~ YC LOVER SARA

11:05 AM

Blogger Kristi said...

Yeah. . .not too big on the whole "batman" I'd rather watch X-Men. So, I'm listening to Star Struck, which in my opinion is one of your best songs. This and October Nights. You know, the ones that media hasn't gotten ahold of yet, preventing the over-playing issue. People say that you guys are a one hit wonder *noye-these are people who are ignorant and have failed to realize that you have other songs* but its so wrong because all of your songs rock, since they have a unique sound to them.

11:55 AM

Blogger Kristi said...

P.S- the usual. . .can't wait till your new album comes out. I think I've overplayed your old one.
yet again,

11:57 AM

Blogger Pioneer3800 said...

First time poster; as monotonios as this sounds YELLOWCARD RULES!!!! i cant wait ill ur new album comes out. Gonna be the first to buy it...(well probably not realli) but u guys r the $hiznit
luv ya guyz

5:41 PM

Blogger stargirl2 said...

Hi pete, i'd like 2 see batman begins.i'm also happy to hear that something is progressing and becoming something mondo in the studio...with sean conducting n all. keep it up. the new album i'm sure will sell even more!!! over and out.--Rimmel

7:06 PM

Blogger DAEgirl said...

omg yellowcard? is that u? AWESOME!

7:33 PM

Blogger *Patti-Ashley* said...

Woot! going to the Pomona Warped Tour!
Have mucho fun making the rest of the album! It will be kick ass.

12:40 AM

Blogger Charlene said...

Hello Mr. Mosely,
We sure do miss you here in Jax. Glad to see that you are doing well. Love your posts. Charlene

10:10 AM

Blogger The Future Mrs. Sean Mackin said...

oh man i love sum41, but not as much as i love you guys. i cannot wait to hear the 15 peice ensemble and stuff. i love sean's violin...:) yay for piano!!! I <3 piano. I ♥ Yellowcard

10:44 AM

Blogger NYGirl0611 said...

this is for all the YC fans- PETA has a "world's sexiest vegetarian" contest and guess who's a nominee for men?? Peter Michael Mosely himself!!! so vote 4 pete cuz he rocks!! http://www.peta2.com/outthere/o-sexyveg05.asp?int=peta2_enews

4:23 PM

Blogger Kaylee said...

Hey happy belated birthday. My birthday is June 6th to.

8:37 AM

Blogger totalycbeauty said...

Hey, wow about how many times do you think STOKED has been used in all the comments? Can you say dedicated fans? I'm so mad I missed the MTV movie awards, i wanted to see you guys play SO much. I even watched the replay, and shame on me, I fell asleep after Eminem performed and woke up at the very last award!!! But I have a good reason, it was a long day and the rerun was on at about 1 or 2 in the morning. I can't wait till your new album comes out, i still need to get the remake of STILL STANDING. and out of all the songs you've made which is most like any on your new album?

xox Caitlin

1:51 PM

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2:38 PM

Blogger UgAcOuRtyc said...

Sean is the master ninja. He completely owns.

I'll see you guys on tour.

11:58 AM

Blogger lauren! said...

helllooo! aah so excited for the new album, sounds like yall are really excited about it too so that's cool. yall HAVE to come down to new orleans to play a show whenever possible PLEAASE that would bee frickenn awesomme! i've seen you live on dvd but before i die, i must see in person! chyeaah but good luck with everythinng!
-- lauren

7:14 PM

Blogger Cayy said...

Hey Pete, Awesome!!! Good to see you postin'!!

I just realized, Sean hasn't posted before. Nor Ben. =-O

ha ha....great to hear the progress..

If it makes you feel better (( about Ben not being able to spell your last name right )) No one can ever say or spell my name right the first time...It's C-A-I-L-Y-N, not Caitlin!!!!! or Kayla...you can imagine what I've gotten as a response to my name...*sigh* Oh well...

Update soon..
<3 Cailyn a.k.a Cayy

8:56 AM

Blogger Tufty said...

BAD RELGION = Best punk rock band ever

Batman begins = best batman film yet, and since the bad guy is from ballymena i think you guys should come to the UK and do a show in Northern Ireland... I will actually have your children if you do...even tho im a dude.

10:39 AM

Blogger Juh_Brazil said...

Hey you! I know you're not gonna read this far, but whatever!
Again, I'm here, making whatever is possible for you notting me... xD I want to thank you for making such a big part of my life! I'll be here!
Big kisses! I love you!
YC rules!!

12:08 PM

Blogger maryvolent said...

update, update, update!

are you talking about the 'Pete Mosley' on Purevolume?

3:29 AM

Blogger Megan said...

I'm kinda pissed about him and the Texas thing but oh well I like the band to much to care. I cant wait for there new album!

5:32 PM

Blogger @lezinha said...

hello!my name is alessandra!i m from a Brazil and i m a BIG fan of yellowcard!i just wanan tank u for all that ur musics ve done for my life!i m moving to new jersey without my parents and friends to a exchange program!i m really afraid but i knwo i will watch ur concert live ,is my big deram , it will amke me feel better and will make me remenber my life her!my e- mail is :alessandrasibinelli87@hotmail.com
love ya guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysssss
good lucky

9:56 AM

Blogger krisz said...

I am Krisz, and I'm the biggest Hungarian Yellowcard Fan! I open the first YC's webpage;)
Visit it! [Hungarian+English webpage]

6:55 AM

Blogger krisz said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:55 AM

Blogger Sihong said...


6:20 AM

Blogger Cayy said...

Pete, update. We are dyin' here...


12:48 PM

Blogger SoccerGirl17 said...

Hey! i cant believe you dont like texas.. thats dissapointing lol.. well anyways yall rock! cant wait till your new cd comes out!!! woo!!! well ummmmmmm if you have AOL you can IM me- FallingStars1710
or um you can email me
or umm you can go to my xanga

Love Always,

7:18 PM

Blogger 20saygoodbyee50 said...

i miss you guys...i need the underdogs site back!! is that ever going to be back up again or is it gone for good? I cannnnt wait till your new cd!!!

8:51 PM

Blogger No_1_Yellowcard_Lover said...

Hey when are Yellowcard coming to Adelaide!! I would love to see you's!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Yellowcard are the coolest band alive!! Come to Adelaide i want to see you!!!!!!

5:43 AM

Blogger ashleynicole said...

i am also very stoked about this. i cannot wait until the new album is out and yo guys start touring again. i'm very sad that yellowcard is not playing at warped tour this year. however i do plan to stop by the takeover tent and see whats up. you guys are amazing and i am STOKED there will be even more strings this tie around.

love you all and good luck with the album,

<3 ashleynicole

8:34 AM

Blogger maryvolent said...

come on guys, this blog is like deprived of your posts.


i'm like practically begging here.

Not convincing enough huh?


OH YEAH! while you're at that, can you guys also write 'Singapore' on your list of places to tour to next? ok? do a world wide tour for your next album. please? and come to Singapore. You must!!

Good Charlotte performed here yesterday and Benji declared that he loved Singapore so you guys must come here and see why!!


ok. enough pleading. now update!!

1:53 AM

Blogger Lucie33 said...

sorry for the faults ut im french, so sorry but i only learn americanat school.So, on first, really glad to see your STOCKED,a nd i only leave a message for give my msn address (I don't if its the same in USA but Y not) lucie_33@msn.com, because maybe you're not always busy and youll be able to come talk with me ( ooooh sorry i know its not the good formulation but im french one more time), l'espoir fait vivre....
You guys or others fans like me, amrican or no. That's all...
love love love
Lucie your first french fan (>;)<)

6:34 AM

Blogger alwaysnsync4 said...

Hey Pete! Just wanted to say I saw you guys at Challenge for the Children this past weekend and it rocked! (I bought your signed poster at the silent auction, and I held it up during the game and you gave me a thumbs up.) And I got to meet Sean, which was amazing. I hope you make a post about the event. Thanks for donating all that money to the charity. It was really cool of you and it means a lot to me because I have been an *NSYNC fan for seven years and CFTC is very close to my heart. I couldn't believe how cool it was that you guys were there....my two favorite groups ever in one place. THANK YOU FOR DOING THAT!!! Love ya! Stoked for the next record!

6:51 PM

Blogger Hazel Chan said...


10:32 PM

Blogger Hazel Chan said...

Yellowcard, Yellowcard Rocks, I luv Yellowcard, YC 4eva,..... Did I say I love Yellowcard?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come have a concert in Singapore!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ! I'm begging you guys! You guys totally rock! come next year and I'll buy your tix for sure! I cannot wait for ur album! Too bad its comin out next year... Well, cos ya hold back, I KNOW it's plain good. Did I say good? oops! I meant THE BEST!!!! :):):) I know someone, I think it's starlightgerl, you want YC to come to singapore too! lucky you saw good charlotte.....:):):)

Pete, Ryan, Sean, LP, Ben, I LOVE YELLOWCARD!!! YOU GUYS ROCK! seriously, i'm crying now!

10:46 PM

Blogger maryvolent said...

uhh... to hazel chan...

i did'nt go. my friend told me about it again and again. the tix were too damn expensive.

9:29 PM

Blogger yellowcardrocks said...

Yellowcard is the best band ever! But you guys never seem to come to a town close enough to mine so that i can come and see you...if you would come to Nashville or Memphis TN....that would be AWESOME!!!...i love you guys...and i hope to see you in concert soon LOVE CASEE AND BRANDY!

10:56 PM

Blogger annna said...

Glad to hear it. I love ya ryan!!! u guys do everthing . How the margaritas servin' ya??? lol

3:06 PM

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