Friday, July 22, 2005

Dishes are done!

Hi's been awhile. We finished up the record about 2 weeks ago. We celebrated this by having a lovely dinner with our good friend and producer Neal. After many bottles of champagne, we all decided it was time to go back into real life for a little bit before we hit the road again.
Sean and I attended a celebrity charity event put on by the guys in N'SYNC last weekend. We had a blast...I met so many random famous people...Shannon Elizabeth, Brian Urlacher, Taye DIggs and thats all I can remember without thinking too hard about it. We all drank a lot. The first night was a bowling tournament...I did alright...I was doing good in warm-ups...but then my lady friend starting ordering margarita after margarita. The ball got heavier and heavier...and the floor started sloping and pulling the bowling ball to one side. Our team won though regardless. Sean's team won the basketball game. I have no excuse for that...I was completely sober. So anyway, Sean went on to visit some friends and head home to LA where LP is currently doing absolutely nothing but sitting poolside enjoying lovely Hollywood (I would used some sort of negative connotation about Hollywood...cause I'm not fond of some things...but somebody decided to tear me a new one because I said something about Texas) Ben is somewhere in the country on Warped Tour promoting his label...he's actually supposed to come up visit me where I am now....NYC...with my good friend Ryan. We have done nothing but eat ice cream, play video games, order pizza and watch movies. Ryan's about to win the heavyweight on Fight Night Round 2 on XBOX...after that I'm gonna blow some s#%* up on Grand Theft Auto. I usually dont play many video games at all...but i really dont have anything else to do.
We are reconvening in a couple of weeks to rehearse for our upcoming tours. First we hit Japan for a couple of festival shows, then we head onto to Canada for 2 weeks only to be followed by a limited small club tour in the states and some college shows. Then we will be home for Christmas (please don't take offense if you don't celebrate this particular event)
I...and everyone else in the band have this one thing that we are so excited about...we cannot wait to be able to show you guys our new album. I don't think we could be any happier with it, and it is by far the greatest thing any of us has ever taken part in. I hope ya'll are as excited as we are. STOKED!
So until then...we will be seein' ya'll this fall if you can make it.

A word of advice...Don't mess with Texas...or it will write you a nasty message.