Friday, July 22, 2005

Dishes are done!

Hi's been awhile. We finished up the record about 2 weeks ago. We celebrated this by having a lovely dinner with our good friend and producer Neal. After many bottles of champagne, we all decided it was time to go back into real life for a little bit before we hit the road again.
Sean and I attended a celebrity charity event put on by the guys in N'SYNC last weekend. We had a blast...I met so many random famous people...Shannon Elizabeth, Brian Urlacher, Taye DIggs and thats all I can remember without thinking too hard about it. We all drank a lot. The first night was a bowling tournament...I did alright...I was doing good in warm-ups...but then my lady friend starting ordering margarita after margarita. The ball got heavier and heavier...and the floor started sloping and pulling the bowling ball to one side. Our team won though regardless. Sean's team won the basketball game. I have no excuse for that...I was completely sober. So anyway, Sean went on to visit some friends and head home to LA where LP is currently doing absolutely nothing but sitting poolside enjoying lovely Hollywood (I would used some sort of negative connotation about Hollywood...cause I'm not fond of some things...but somebody decided to tear me a new one because I said something about Texas) Ben is somewhere in the country on Warped Tour promoting his label...he's actually supposed to come up visit me where I am now....NYC...with my good friend Ryan. We have done nothing but eat ice cream, play video games, order pizza and watch movies. Ryan's about to win the heavyweight on Fight Night Round 2 on XBOX...after that I'm gonna blow some s#%* up on Grand Theft Auto. I usually dont play many video games at all...but i really dont have anything else to do.
We are reconvening in a couple of weeks to rehearse for our upcoming tours. First we hit Japan for a couple of festival shows, then we head onto to Canada for 2 weeks only to be followed by a limited small club tour in the states and some college shows. Then we will be home for Christmas (please don't take offense if you don't celebrate this particular event)
I...and everyone else in the band have this one thing that we are so excited about...we cannot wait to be able to show you guys our new album. I don't think we could be any happier with it, and it is by far the greatest thing any of us has ever taken part in. I hope ya'll are as excited as we are. STOKED!
So until then...we will be seein' ya'll this fall if you can make it.

A word of advice...Don't mess with Texas...or it will write you a nasty message.



Blogger Ro said...



i'm soooo freeeeeakin excited!!!!

i can't wait for the album to be guys are awesome....and dammit come back to salt lake so i can see you guys in concert guys were great when you were here last november....

and i wanted to thank you guys (once again) for sharing with us your talents and letting us in on what's been going on with you's shows you're still down to earth and haven't forgot us underdogs....

so before i get any more sappy with all this "you guys are sooo great" yadda yadda....just wanted to say you guys kick ass....i don't care what anyone says....even if it's the whole state of texas....i love you guys!!!!....

so enough mushy stuff and give us a release date!!!!

best wishes and good luck in japan and wherever else the road takes ya....*hugs* ro :)

5:51 PM

Blogger Bambie said...

ooo first comment =D
You guys have no idea how excited i am for your new album to come out and im looking around the house for spare change so i can save up and buy tickets to your next show nearest me. i missed your last tour because i was too slow buying tickets but not this year. im gonna be first in line.
i can hardly contain myself just thinking what your next album will be. i hope you stay with the same positive lyrics that you used with all your other songs. they make me feel soo much better when i listen to them. well i dont wanna take up too much space so i will leave now just hoping that one of you will read this and know how much of an effect you have had on me. i have a much more optimistic look on things now because i know 'everything is gonna be alright, be strong, belive'

5:53 PM

Blogger Bambie said...

** second comment
sry i was 2 min late =P

5:53 PM

Blogger apokalips said...


Would you mind if I asked why you guys called your tour 'wish we were canadian'

do you really wish that?

what has this fine country done to merit such a statement

I love you guys and all but I have to say that I think it's rather poopy

have a good one

6:04 PM

Blogger NYGirl0611 said...

hey Pete!!
about time you updated.. you kept us waiting for like a month! i missed your blogs soooo much. Glad to hear the album is done and that you're back in NYC.. i know you guys are touring japan and canada, any chance you'll do some shows here? esp. NY since you're gonna be here anyway?
Good luck on the road.. YC rox my sox!!!
<3333, jessica

6:31 PM

Blogger Juh_Brazil said...

I'm so happy about this new album! I hope you can release it soon! Specially here, in BRAZIL

Have you ever considered the chance of coming here? Lol

I mean it, considere the option!

I like you guys so much, I hope I can see you live!
I'm gonna go to US just to see YC live, I'm just waiting for the dates! So, wait for me!

I'm waiting for the new album!

You guys rocks! I love you!
Good luck!

6:56 PM

Blogger alwaysnsync4 said...

Hey PETE!!! What's up, thanks for mentioning the b-ball game in your post. It was AWESOME seeing you guys there....thanks again for donating that money....and tell Sean I really loved meeting him! LOL.


*runs around screaming*

Thanks Pete! Catch you later!

6:56 PM

Blogger Jessika said...

awesome! =]

8:12 PM

Blogger Ryan said...

im so f*** excited!!! i want that album so bad!!!are you guys playing in NCY, this august, cause ill probably be there next week, so please let me know!!! :D

8:25 PM

Blogger  said...

are you guys coming to massachusetts? please please please do because i would be heartbroken if i didnt get to see you guys this fall. and you metioned playing in clubs and college shows....well you shouldnt have 18 and older shows in mass because i wouldnt be able to get in. i would understand if you guys decided not to come to mass but i would be devastated nonetheless. i am fucking stoked beyond words to hear the album is finished though ^.^ yay. btw i thought u guys should know that the messageboard is messed up. the admin isnt sending confirmation emails so i cant use the massageboard anymore since i switched my e-mail >.<...i dunno if you guys have any control over fixing stuff like that but i just thought i would mention that there was a problem. sorry to take up all the space with this long and rather piontless post....oh ya u mentioned video games. have u played halo? i have always wondered if that game is as fun as its cracked up to be...anyways love you guys and i hope u play in massachusetts some time soon

much love to you all and peace out


8:34 PM

Blogger Chelsea said...

YAY!!!!!!!! The album is done. I seriously can't wait. hopefully I have the money by then in order to buy it. My parents wont let me because they just got me the Crossfade CD and this week the new Foo fighters. Darn it... I should of waited. But now its to darn late.

8:41 PM

Blogger Chelsea said...

When are you guys going to come to florida. I can probably convince my mom to come with me.

8:48 PM

Blogger Kerry said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:23 PM

Blogger Kerry said...

Hey Pete!

This is awesome that you guys finished the album! I can't wait to hear it! Good luck rehearsing and getting ready for the whole tour! Be sure to come to New York on the tour, especially since you're already here. Even come to Long Island! Nassau Coliseum is pretty rad - haha. But if you guys just go to NYC, I'll make sure I'll be there. =)

Have fun on your time off before hitting the road!

Rock on,
- Kerry

9:26 PM

Blogger maryvolent said...






Im like jumping up and down now. im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED.

i just can't wait for it to hit the shelves. is the international release gonna be the same as the US release? Is it gonna get released at the same time?

omg!i can't wait!!

you guys rock! come to singapore yeah?

11:25 PM

Blogger jesse said...

lol awesome guys, you guys should come to oz in the summer [winter for you guys] for sum tourin cos we'd luv 2 spread the YC gospuul!!!

CYERS!! jEsSE and STiko

6:15 AM

Blogger markel said...

I'm excited! I wanna have the album in my hands now. Any European tour to announce? You oughta come here. The audience will be awesome!!! Come please, and visit Surfing Mundaka!

6:16 AM

Blogger A. Dubs said...

congrats on finishing the album guys! I'm hella stoked!

6:47 AM

Blogger A. Dubs said...

ps. you guys need to come to DC.. i'm going away to school there and YC makes me feel at home =)

'keep it in mind

oh and pete, have you played halo 2??

6:51 AM

Blogger The Future Mrs. Sean Mackin said...

hmm...well if you're only doing clubs i may not see you-but i hope too!!!! man i love you guys! can't wait for the new album!!!

7:24 AM

Blogger Spiky said...

Yeah, I will write a nasty message so watch what you say.(It really bugs me when all these comedians talk about Texas. They could just as easily make fun of New Jersy or something)Anyway, it's good to know you're willing to get drunk and bowl at the same time. Shaun's team won bball because he's so BA. Can't wait for the album. Just make sure to come to Austin, TX on your next tour. I want to see you guys perform!

7:43 AM

Blogger Steph said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date, Pete. I'm so glad that the album's done and you guys are having fun!

Just do me a favour? Buy some PSP's and get practising, So when you finally come to the UK we can have a few tournaments or something after your gigs!

PS. Thanks for the one-off gig you did in the UK in September last year to make up for missing the Reading Festival. And even better, the acoustic session you did at Kerrang Radio. That was an awesome night and i had a great time! Thanks!

7:45 AM

Blogger Spiky said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:45 AM

Blogger JiNa said...

I am speechless..haha =]
Well summer sounds pretty frikkin shweet for you. Eating ice cream and pizza and playing video games..thats life.
You guys better hit Baltimore again when touring..or I will be T______T
That's not good.
Hope to see yall soon!!!
Until then stay safe and healthy!!!

7:50 AM

Blogger Cristina said...

psh....I'm sorry if I "Ripped you a new one", but you can't say you didn't have it coming....I mean, c'mon, I'm from TEXAS.
...maybe I should send you another equally nasty message about the dangers of Bowling and drinking or something like that....
i'm more nasty messages from me anymore.. (:

8:20 AM

Blogger Evan said...

Gosh, Album's Done! CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR IT MAN!

Thanks man Pete for keepin' us updated!

Hope your new album is a hit... ahh heck, it WILL be a hit!
ROCK ON you guys!

Have fun on your tour, Consider droppin' by in Singapore sometime soon yeah? =)

8:21 AM

Blogger XO, bitch. said...


And you guys make sure you come to NC this fall.


I love you guys.

Talk to you soon <3


8:37 AM

Blogger  said...

Hey Pete! I really think it's awesome that you guys are always updating messages to us losers who don't have anything better to do with our lives. Lol. But anyway I am glad that the album is finally done and can't wait to see the 'big surprise' you were talking about. Hopefully i can get to see you guys on tour but I doubt it because you guys probably won't come to New Orleans. Ya'll shoud though because it is the biggest party city and we all know you guys like to party. Maybe I'll take a road trip to see ya'll if ya'll are in a close enogh state. Love you guys and keep in touch!

8:59 AM

Blogger Quattroporte said...

Hey, congratulations on the album! *prays that it comes out by christmas rather than next year*

9:57 AM

Blogger myoung said...

Yeah i agree! you guys definitly need to come back to Utah and play us your sweet rockin music! so whens the new stuff coming out, come on i need to start a countdown!! hahaha

10:58 AM

Blogger Spiky said...

P.S. Doesn't everyone wish they were Canadian? What's not to love about Texas?(Other than Dallas/Ft. Worth+Houston traffic, Texas A&M, and the city of Waco...)You've got a lot of fans here. Besides, Austin's the place to be.(I really wish I could have seen you guys perform here in November!)

11:01 AM

Blogger Amanda said...

Haha. You're a riot, Pete.

1:07 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

I can't wait for ya'll to start touring again. I will be out to see you guys again. Please come to some of the colleges in NC. A great example would be East Carolina University. Wink, Wink! Keep having fun in NYC with Ryan. See ya soon!

5:10 PM

Blogger Karly said...

hey... wow.. i cant wait to hear ur new album.. i luv u guys... ur my favorite band... lol my sister got me into listening to u guys and since then i have loved ur music... ttys...



8:10 PM

Blogger Kay said...

OMG I WICKED STOKED ABOUT THE NEW ALBUM I CANT WAIT THIS IS VERY EXCITING!!!! u guys rock my socks and u were awesome on warped tour last year i saw u in boston it was great i love u guys!!!!

9:50 PM

Blogger maryvolent said...


i've been posting this on the comments page after practically every post.


i NEED to watch you guys play live.

come on guys. just plan an asian tour soon kays?

once again, COME TO SINGAPORE!!!

3:11 AM

Blogger Cayy said...

I cant believe the album is done. Good job guys, thats incredible. I'm deffinetly excited but I dont think I can make it to fall...

Oh well, I'll just have to try. About that whole Celebrity thing. It sounds alot of fun. I'm horrible at basketball ( not too cordinated I guess ) and so, dont feel bad. =]

Grand Theft Auto has to be the 2nd best game I've ever played on Xbox, besides Halo. Now that shit is fun !!!

I'm usually the last few people to comment, so i wouldnt be surprised if you never read this. Anyway, Can u believe Friday was the 2 yr. anniversery of Ocean Avenue being released in the U.S. You can take that either 2 ways...The year went too fast or too slow.

Well, anyway, I'm basically just rambling and I dont think you read comments anyway.

Much Love

6:01 AM

Blogger ycroxmysox said...

im so stoked that the album is done! thats freakin' awesome! cant wait to hear some of the new stuff you guys got...have fun with your time off, and hope all your touring goes well! hope to see you guys one of these's days...but until then take care!

8:49 AM

Blogger Britt said...

So excited about the new album! And I'm mega excited about your Wish we Were Canadian tour! You're coming to my hometown Guelph! Hell yeah! I'll be there.

Lotsa love!

1:40 PM

Blogger izumi said...

Hi Pete! im so happy to hear the new album is done. now im really looking forward to see the show in japan! i hope you'll play some new songs.
i love you guys so much!

7:35 PM

Blogger distorted_penguin said...

i cant wait for your new album to come out! i hope its as good as your other ones. it should be. you guys rock!

7:46 PM

Blogger distorted_penguin said...

i cant wait for your new album to come out! i hope its as good as your other ones. it should be. you guys rock!

7:46 PM

Blogger Lucy said...

please please come to st.louis soon! we all are dying for u guys to come cause we would all be completely stoked. and no fans are like st. louis fans baby! woot!
cant wait for the new album!!!!!!
i luv you guys!

9:59 PM

Blogger Lucy said...

please come to st.louis asap! u guys rock so freaking hard!!!! i luv u guys!!! cant wait for the new album!!!!

10:00 PM

Blogger butterfly1590 said...

Hey you guys fucking rock and will always be my fave band...I hope that you guys can come to wisconsin some time cuz that way i can see you guys even if my parents have a sh*t fit. So when you guys plan on coming to wisconsin (hopefully soon!) drop me a note (

thanks much and keep the rockin!!

8:53 PM

Blogger x-X-x Victoria said...

Have fun on tour... but when are you planning on coming to Australia? I swear if you come to Aus I'll be first in line for a ticket.

10:46 PM

Blogger Ally said...

I'm so excited that you guys are on tour again! I remember seeing you play a small show at the Boardwalk in Sacramento, CA like two years ago and thinking it was the best show EVER!!! I hope you guys can make it back around here soon!!

Good luck with everything and I can't wait for the new album!!!


11:27 PM

Blogger christelle said...


1:25 AM

Blogger christelle said...

YEAH I love Yellowcard!!!

1:26 AM

Blogger christelle said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:27 AM

Blogger Luqman said...

come to Singapore,please? haha.i'm super stoked for the new album...!

3:08 AM

Blogger Texas said...

We all know that Texas is not a place to be messed with...although I wish I didnt live here in Texas. I wish someone would just kidnap me and take me somewhere else anywhere but here. I am so happy about you guys and how awesome things are going for you. I remember seeing you guys before you got famous...well really famous that is...It was at Java Jazz yep. Well I will see you later I gotta unclog my ears full of cat litter...haha just kidding.

7:50 AM

Blogger Megan said...

Thats awsome about the states! i'm actually waiting for the pre-sale tix for the canada show... I have some suggestions for colleges and shows... Theres an awsome club called the chance theater in poughkeepsie NY, small intimate, but fair size.... Small request to come to either NU (my grad school :) ) or UB and i'd be so gratefully endowed to ya'll

9:41 AM

Blogger ~Alicia~ said...

Just wanted you to know Texas loves you and Yellowcard no matter what your opinion is about this state. You have the right to feel however you want. But I just wish you wouldn't assume that all off Texas is bad because of your feelings toward the current president. (Oh yeah and the spurs are a good team and the players do alot for the city of San Antonio!) But you do what you want! I saw you guys in Austin in November and can't wait for you to come back!

11:44 AM

Blogger Steph said...

Hey Pete,

I'm writing from Ontario, Canada and I just have to say I *love* the "Wish We Were Canadian" thing. hahaha. Great name!

I'm so happy to hear that you guys are coming to little Guelph in September! I'll be at the show for sure (I go to the University of Guelph), one of my housemates pre-ordered our tickets today! Hurrah! It'll be my second time seeing YC at Denim in Guelph, that's where I saw them my very first time ever (february 2004, they played with Eve 6). Unfortunately, you weren't there at that time. Looking forward to it again (it'll be my fourth time seeing YC play live!).

Have fun while you're up here in the North, eh? ;)

- Steph

12:17 PM

Blogger stargirl2 said...

WOOOT WOOOT ! YELLOWCARD!!!! i am soooo excited i need a muzzle and a leash. and some ropes to keep me calm. :))i know it will be a blow out just like the others. i would like to purchase the older ones . i only have ocean ave.:( but i am doing my v best to get 'zem all! its a MB(major bummer) and sucky-ish that you guys are bit bored. so here's something to think about :"firewater leafs!" yay!!!! would it burn first? or cool off first? and can faeries handle it!. hmmm?? REGARDS! --Rimmel

1:04 PM

Blogger stargirl2 said...

WOOT WOOT !! GOOO YELLOWCARD! lol. I'm so glad to hear you guys r done. (at last!!) and sucky that me no have other albums 'cept for ocean ave:(. even more sucky that you dudes are "board" and think of this:"firewater leafs" and if they burn first... or cool off first? and can you handle it?!!!! get plennnty of sleep,food (but not too much no want to get fat. lol) and regards. "the stargirl2"--Rimmel

1:12 PM

Blogger stargirl2 said...

uh oh, my bad. me posted 2. no 3 including 'zis one. oh well.--rimmel

1:14 PM

Blogger I Luciferi said...

chicken shit

1:23 PM

Blogger Jamie said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:59 PM

Blogger Jamie said...

BUT WHEN CAN WE PURCHASE THIS NEW ALBUM IM SO STOKED ABOUT??? c'mon... release date? anytime soon??? was there already one and i missed it??? im so lost here! And when can we expect to see you in the LA area??? all i want to do before i die is crowd surf at a YC concert!!!! j/k... but seriosuly...

also... Yellowcard is the greatest band ever, i love you guys like... way more than a person should love a band... ever... I've been a fan ever since Ryan used to scream instead of sing. (like from the midget tossing album and the still standing EP and all that.)..both HOT- either way... Ryan's voice n passion in the lyrics drives me wild. (the good way) ...YC is so talented and awesome. u guys have come a long way, i love seein how you've changed and grown. And im way happy you're in South Cali, it hits so close to home, ILOVEIT! i listen to "rock star land" while "blazin down" the 405 parking lot, on my way to San Mo where i walk on Ocean Avenue. the crazy bums stare at me funny when im walkin down the street singing YC out loud with my ipod bumpin the shit. Doesnt get any cooler than that! ...CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW ALBUM... with the orchastra stuff im hearin about, im thinkin its guna be such an awesome original sound. u guys are like kickass rock, but better cuz u got like real classical musical talent, hottness, all mixed in! and its frigin awesome!!!! cantwaitcantwaitcantwait...
k longest comment ever.
Thanks YC for rockin like you do.

11:25 PM

Blogger Cody said...

Oh My Gosh I cant wait till your cd comes out!!! So when is it comin out???

11:29 AM

Blogger shAnnAn said...

ok so im offically confused is "where we stad" ur new albulm or what? because if it is and ryans not in it then you guys are screwed! if not then whens the new one coming out1 the anticipation is killing me...haha
you guys where the 1st concert i ever went to. it was at the electric factory in philly you guys rock the $%*t out of that place! when you coming back

9:13 PM

Blogger megan_blevins said...

i love u guys i just got in to a relationship and it is on the rocks and your music helps me so much

7:02 AM

Blogger Lori said...

heeey!!!!! i just cant wait to listen to your new album!! i have to ask you to come here in italy!!!!!!!!! we miss you here! =)

9:56 AM

Blogger Lori said...

awww! i cant wait to listen to your new album! hey pete say hi to ryan! all of you boys like the same things: video games, xbox, playstation..... ^_^ anyway PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.....after relaxing after the canadian tour after christmas......come to italyyyyyy!!!! =) oh, i have to say: my birthday's one day after ryan's!!!!! omg!!!!! lol

9:58 AM

Blogger Brenda said...

Hi, I am from Brazil...
My name is Brenda...
My msn is



10:20 AM

Blogger Chelsea D. said...

A word of advice...Don't mess with Texas...or it will write you a nasty message.

so true. although hollywood does pretty much suck.

11:58 AM

Blogger peterocksmysocks said...

Pete Mosely Totally rocks my socks. hope that you will be playing another show with inspection 12 this christmas I thought the last one was awesome minus ur buttcrack being seen be everyone on the upper floor. and my mom totally thought you were awesome. WE are all so glad you are doing so well and are extremely excited about the new album. ~LOT 133 WATERMILL Allysson

12:21 AM

Blogger Jena said...

I am SO exited that you have a new album coming out soon. That makes my day, hearing that news. Between your new album and Mest's new album, this summer = rad.

Glad that you're having fun in NYC with Ryan. Hopefully you come to a small club // college in my area so that I can see you.

Well, see you boys soon!

<3 Jena

1:50 PM

Blogger Some Girl said...

wooh! im lik the millionth person to comment! im sooooo freakin happy the album is done!!! keep kicking ass pete!

11:24 PM

Blogger maryvolent said...

did you guys know you have like MANY fans here, in singapore? SO PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASEEEEE come to singapore. PLEASE!!

i'll like totally wait for you guys at the airport if you do.

2:31 AM

Blogger The Future Mrs. Sean Mackin said...

yellowcard backwords is dracwolley

9:37 AM

Blogger Minu said...

Yay! I'm excited about your new album. I just really got into your band. And am in love with your song breathing. Good Luck with your tour, and I wish you where coming to my college :(

8:33 PM

Blogger Jezika said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date with all the 411. I'm so excited to hear all the new stuff. It feels like yesterday that I was still in high school watching you guys preform during lunch (sunset high in miami). I think you guys should come to Miami more often but don't worry, you guys always rock the house of blues in Orlando.
Just letting you know, I work for the Delano and Shore Club on south beach. If you ever need a good rate, just let me know.
My email:
Check out my MySpace Profile:

Good Luck... hope to see you soon.


10:41 PM

Blogger Michelle said...

Hey!! im really sorry if that texas person was me on your last entry... i just love texas!!! C= and yea the dixie chicks do suck... so i totally agree with you on that! C= well if you want comment me back or something cuz i got one of these blog things now... haha C= well bye bye
Love Always,

9:59 PM

Blogger lauren! said...


7:01 PM

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Se'ction 17. {b), we disclose the holding of EGTY shares prior to the publication of
this report. Be aware of an inherent conflict of interest resulting from such holdings
due to our intent to profit from the liquidation of these shares. Shar,es may be sold
at any time, even after positive statements have been made regarding the above company.
Since we own shares, there is an inherent conflict of interest in our statements and
opinions. Readers of this publication are cautioned not
to place undue reliance on
forward,|ooking statements, which are based on certain assumptions and expectations
involving various risks and uncertainties that could cause results to differ materially
from those set forth in the forward- looking statements. This is not solicitation to
buy or sell st-0cks, this text is or informational purpose only and you should seek
professional advice from registered financial advisor before you do anything related
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8:31 PM

Blogger Allison said...

You are awsome, I really like your music.

5:18 PM

Blogger juju said...

HI! i'm a newbie! first time here. i totally worship the album i bought, sorry i dont even know how many there are or anything. i really love it though and i wanna get more...if there's more! :D honestly, i listen to alot of music and your stuff is really the best ive ever heard, not just saying that u know ;) i love every song! and yay, there's a new one coming...i'll DEFINATELY be buying that. and and and i've recommended you to all my friends! they love you too. you guys are ace.

rawr :D

love julie, from the UK!

11:13 AM

Blogger Uneek72287 said...

Im STOKED that you guys are going to be in SPokane finally!!!! ITs gonna be an awesome show, i know it!! we'll see you guys on the 29th!!!

12:00 PM

Blogger maryvolent said...

yo guys? update now??

10:31 PM

Blogger Ashleigh said...

15 days till i see YELLOWCARD in GUELPH icant wait!!!!!!!!!

10:14 AM

Blogger Lia Marie said...

Pete, anyone with half a brain undoubtively knows that Yelloycard's lastest album is bound to be so badass. Congats on your sucess. I love Ryan!

3:52 PM

Blogger Colt (Jimmy) said...

Sup....Nothin here. If u get a chance everybody check out my xanga (including the guyz of YC)!!!! L8er.

8:44 PM

Blogger Super_hot_mel said...

OMG: Love Love Love 'light and sound' really do. When is it being released in Oz? Please tell me!

11:12 PM

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2:47 AM

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Just passing by your blog and though you'd like this website.

6:53 AM

Blogger razorbladeromance said...

I was just wondering if ben was really no longer a member of yc. I hope it is just a stupid rumor ... because ben was yellowcard i love all of you but without ben it just isnt yellowcard anymore

9:36 PM

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